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Re-Elect Jessica Day

for Knightdale Mayor
on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

"Knightdale is a thriving and sustainable community fueled by unity and possibility. As Mayor, I'm dedicated to empowering our exceptional citizens to create a future we all desire. Together, we're building a vibrant town that combines growth with a strong sense of connection and belonging. Let's start something wonderful."

Connected and Inclusive * Active and Healthy * Sustainable * Safe * Operational Excellence

Advocate For:



  • Providing support for our local schools to create community educational programming for our youth, young adults, and our senior community.

  • ​Why: Education is the gateway to opportunities.  This leads to career opportunities, innovation, productivity, more significant problem-solving, and increased civic engagement.  


Economic Development:

  • Support initiatives that promote our economic growth and especially our small and local business community.

  • ​Why: Job creation leads to stable income and financial security.  This also means greater choices for the community and more retail and commercial options.



Public Safety:

  •  Ensure that safety remains a priority as we continue to grow.

  • What this means: Sense of security and peace of mind for individuals and their loved ones.  More engagement in community activities connection and enjoyment of outdoor spaces.



Investments in Public Safety

  • Merger of the Knightdale Fire Department and East Wake Fire and Rescue

  • Construction of two new fire stations, Station 4 on Hodge Rd and Station 1 on Old Knight Rd (both now under construction)

  • Renovation of current public safety building to serve as police headquarters (funded, ongoing).

  • Investing in numerous fire trucks, police vehicles, and equipment. 

  • Historic salary investments making Knightdale FD and PD one of the best paid in the State of North Carolina.

Investments in Sustainability

  • Formation of Sustainability Committee to guide Council. 

  • Authorized grants leading to installation of EV Charging Stations at Town Hall and Knightdale Station Park. 

  • Renovations at Harper Park including Knightdale’s first mural and inclusive playground.

  • oRenovations at the Knightdale Environmental Park including restoration of the pond and picnic shelters, and the installation of a stormwater friendly, permeable surface walking trail. 

  • Energy Efficient renovations at Town Hall. 

  • Completion of the towns first Comprehensive Transportation Plan that prioritizes walkability, mass transit, and safety.

Investments in Staff

  • Expansion of workplace protections to create and support additional protected groups of employees. 

  • Historic salary investments to ensure Knightdale is a competitive employer in a challenging labor market. 

  • Ensured that all full time town employees are payed at or above the living wage for Wake County. 

  • Proactive approach to the COVID-19 pandemic that ensured the safety of staff and viability of town services throughout the entire crisis. 

Investments in the Community

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